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Hot Rod Hooligan

3 Videos

  • Olivia's Puzzle

    Olivia's Puzzle explores a day-in-the-life of two seven-year old girls, Reshma and Olivia. Although both are of Goan heritage, they lead distinctly separate lives. Reshma was born in and raised in Goa, India. Olivia was born and raised in British Columbia, Canada. The film weaves through the regu...

  • A Song For Daniel

    A Song For Daniel compares a routine day for two nine-year-old Iraqi boys-one living in Baghdad and the other born and raised on Long Island. Like most boys their age, Ahmad and Daniel are enthralled by TV cartoons, spend the best part of their day playing with friends, and radiate a natural opti...

  • Twins of Mankala

    In Twins of Mankala, Jason DaSilva continues his series on children living in parallel worlds by moving through the lives of Kenyan children in Africa and North America. Eunice was born and raised in the village of Kilo in Kenya, while Kara and Kendall are twin eight-year-olds living in Massachus...